Upcoming Series: Hannah’s Hot Takes

Mugs, pens, paper, journals I’ve made, tweets, people, my dog, sweaters, jackets, pants, and rose bushes. These are things that I have strong feelings about.

I noticed a gaping hole in the internet – a place only my voice can fill.

The world needs to know my thoughts on these random things. My ratings are needed. People need to know why green beans are terrible and truth about koalas. People need to know which pen is superior to all pens, or which chicken nuggets reigns supreme.

So here we are. Hannah’s Hot Takes. I’m gonna say things, and I’m gonna blow minds – change lives, even. So take a seat and prepare to let the genius of my brain pour over you and infiltrate your pores, until, at long last, I’ve gained complete mind control.


If you, at any point in time, find yourself longing for my knowledge on any specific thing(s), fell free to leave a comment on any of my posts or inundate me with tweets at @hannahbihn.

What is Hannah’s Hot Takes’ rating scale?

Ahh, I’m glad you asked. A friend suggested 1-5 bananas (get it, Hannah’s Bananas?). But to your shock (I’m sure), I actually hate bananas (perhaps it could be a future Hot Take?). I considered a reverse scale, with 0 bananas being the highest award, and 5 (or a bunch of bananas?) being the lowest. While I adore this idea, I fear it would cause confusion (much like all of these parentheses asides), and I don’t feel like explaining myself in every blog post. So, I’m settling for a basic 10/10 scale. (However, if you are especially partial to the Reverse Banana Rating Scale, I may take it into consideration again.)

When will Hannah’s Hot Takes be posted?

Another great question! As much as I would love to say, “whenever inspiration strikes me” I know that I will never get any Hot Takes out there, ever. So I’m shooting for once a week or every other week. I’ll set up a schedule for posting as soon as I get the kinks worked out, since I will soon reach the Real World and have a Real Adult Job with a Real Adult Schedule. Stay tuned for that stuff.

What will be your first Hot Take?

I do not yet know. I of course have several ideas lined up, but I want a really good one to kick off this blog series, so I’m searching for something REALLY GOOD. Again, if you have any ideas, I will welcome them with ARMS WIDE OPEN.

Thank you for tuning in. Smile at a stranger today, will you? For me?


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